A warm welcome to the delegates of Building Simulation & Optimization, the 4thIBPSA-England conference. IBPSA-England launched its first conference in 2012 at Loughborough University. Since then, it is held biennially. It has grown to have an international reputation and attracts participants from both research and industry. IBPSA-England was founded in 2006 to advance and promote the science of building performance simulation. Our goal is to constantly evolve the development of simulation science to support energy efficiency, health, and environment of new and existing buildings. The IBPSA-England organization also serves as a forum for the exchange of information between researchers and practitioners through networking events and workshops.
It is a pleasure to host the community of building simulationists at University of Cambridge. We have a range of exciting new work that widens the scope of simulation to new applications in human-centric design of buildings, innovative design processes, and large-scale modelling. On behalf of the organizing committee,I wish you both a pleasant and productive time in Cambridge.

Ruchi Choudhary
Chair of IBPSA England & Conference Chair