The 14th International Conference of the International Building Performance Simulation
Association (IBPSA); BS2015 will be held in Hyderabad, India from the 7th-9th December, 2015.
The call for papers can be found at the conference website:
The objective of International Building Energy Simulation Conference of 2015 is to advance the practice in diverse disciplines of building energy analysis and performance simulation. BS 2015 is for those working in or learning about the field of building performance simulation including building designers, architects, sustainability managers, researchers, developers etc.

Major themes covered in the conference are:
Building Physics Indoor air quality and thermal comfort Modelling for passive buildings
Net zero buildings Solar energy utilization Simulation and real performance
Advanced building simulation HVAC equipment New software development
Climate and microclimate Optimization CFD and air flow in buildings Building information Modelling
Simulation for commissioning, control and monitoring Energy Storage Validation, calibration and uncertainty Teaching modelling and simulation Simulation in fault detection and diagnostics
Human aspects in simulation